We manufacture the LPG cylinders for the domestic and export markets.

For domestic markets the design of the product is approved by Chief controller of explosives and the product is inspected by bureau of indian standards (ISI).

We also manufacture the products to various international standards like Australian and European standards. The products are subjected to the stringent quality norms and are approved by the bureau veritas. The product range is up to 13 ltrs water capacity for various gases like Propane, butane and map gas. The plant manufacturing capacity is upto 50000 Nos of cylinders per month in mixed capacity.

The machine shop is equiped with the manufacturing machines required for the production of cylinders. This includes shearing, circle cutting, presses single action, double action deep draw , special purpose machines like trimming, beading, hole piercing, projection welding, hydraulic presses, high temp brazing furnaces, engraving machines, fixtures like bung fixing, testing equipments like proof testing leak testing . automatic phosphating plant and powder coating and baking oven, DM water plant. We have two furnaces as a back up. The plant is supported by generators. The assembly line consist of pneumatic tools for the assembly of valves and valve parts on the cylinder. Our cylinders are copper brazed and it is the special and unique process.

We are also undertake the outside job of copper brazing and powder coating.