PKL Limited - was set-up in 1985 - as Joint Venture between the over 100-year old Primus AB of Sweden and Kabsons Group (which has been in the business of LPG related equipment and accessories since 1976) for manufacture and distribution of Copper brazed LPG cylinders and appliances including Industrial Heating Tools.

As part of Joint Venture, PKL, inter-alia, has successfully adapted the technology involved in manufacturing of copper brazed Cylinders, Automatic Lanterns, Stoves, Barbeques and Industrial Heating Tools. Making productive use of this technology the company has been successfully catering to the domestic markets. PKL had recognised the growing potential for these products in international market. At the cessation of the Joint Venture Agreement, PKL entered into a long term distributorship agreement with Primus AB and Sievert AB, Sweden. As per the agreement, PKL manufacture and supply their range of products to various countries based on the orders procured by Primus and Sievert AB excluding ASEAN countries. Partnering with Primus and Sievert has helped PKL to introduce innovative products and to expand product range - cylinders for industrial applications, Double Burner Stoves, Stainless Steel Lanterns, Stoves with various valve connections suitable for cylinders and cartridges, Regulators, Burners etc.

At present exports are to Sweden, UK, Belgium, Iceland, Holland, Burkinafaso, Franc, Republic of Yemen, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Kenya, New Zealand, Australia, Uganda, Sri Lanka, Nepal, South Africa and Libya.

PKL has achieved consistently minimum growth of 25% in exports every year.


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